Wander Always & Stay Wilde


There are far better things ahead than those we leave behind.”

C.S. Lewis


It seemed to have arrived so suddenly. The shifting of the season materialized ever so slowly, and then all at once. There was a faint whisper of change in the air, growing stronger with each day that passed. The autumn season finds its strength in transformation, in which each leaf on every tree must adapt to its surroundings, falling from its branches. They fall unapologetically, without regret, into the unknown. And in this moment of pure and untainted release, the season is awakened, not only in nature but also in our souls.


It can be felt within the soft, light breeze: change. It is a recurring theme of our lives. It is emblematic of how sometimes the shifting of the seasons of nature can so eloquently mirror the changes in our lives. It is quite revitalizing to think of autumn as a time of year for change, for letting go, and for moving on. The air becomes crisp, with the smell of colder weather approaching. The colors of the trees peak with the spectrum of brilliance, showing us that even at the end of things, there can be beauty. Each tree stands tall and confident, as it was created, with purpose. They let go and break free of the pieces and parts that once served as comfort to them and no longer serve a positive purpose. And yet, as time passes with a new season, the leaves will come back with grandeur and radiance that supersedes what was once there.


There is a point in which you come to realize that it is time to let go and step into the unknown. The next season of your life will require a different version of yourself as you merely transition from one version of yourself to another. By trusting the shift of the season, you will see the magic that exists in the new beginning. And that magic is inside of you. Embrace it. Understand that you are changed, and you are ever-changing. And with the shifting and the change of the season, we must let go of what we are used to and walk bravely into the unknown. Turn the page, and let the new chapter begin.

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